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The importance of having entrance carpets that are safe and in good condition is undeniable when the time comes to protect your customers and especially your business in the event of an accident. Lawsuits can be filed if a customer falls due to a slippery floor that should have been covered with a mat, or if the mat in question is improperly maintained, rolled up or wrinkled.
Here are some examples of lawsuits that have occurred in Quebec, which could have been avoided if good carpets had been used.


A lady slips and falls while entering a Jean Coutu in Val-d'Or. She immediately complained to the company, mentioning severe shoulder pain. Medical reports later indicated tendonitis and a tear in the rotator cuff in her left shoulder caused by the fall. She will therefore live with permanent after-effects following the event. As no anti-skid protection was present at the entrance, the plaintiff is seeking compensation for over $324,000 in damages.

For a detailed history, visit :
http://www.lechoabitibien.ca/faits-divers/justice/2017/2/20/elle-tombe-au-jean-coutu-et-exige-324-000 -.html


A doctor and family man falls into the entrance of the ticket booth of a ski centre near Thetford Mines, ending up with a broken leg. This prevented him from working for about 3 months after a 3-day hospitalization. He says he stumbled because of a wet floor and a carpet that was poorly fixed to the floor. He then sued for $200,000, claiming that the ski centre had been negligent in not ensuring that the floor and carpet were safe for their customers. He won the case, but the judge awarded him a lower amount because his boots were not attached properly at the time of the fall. The company still has to pay him nearly 35 000$ in damages.

For the detailed story, visit:

According to Desjardins Business Insurance, businesses are responsible for ensuring that the floors and stairs of their establishment are safe. Floors and floor coverings must not present a risk of falling or injury. As for carpets, they recommend making sure that they are in good condition and properly installed to prevent them from forming bumps and air pockets when loosening. This can happen even with a relatively new carpet if it is not secured to the floor or if the non-slip underside is not rigid enough.

For more details, we invite you to consult the following:
https://www.desjardinsassurancesentreprises.com/sitecollectiondocuments/fr/prevention/commerce-d etail.pdf


Having good and efficient entrance carpets is essential for a business that cares about the safety of its customers and employees. It can also help avoid lawsuits that could arise from a fall caused by a wet floor or a carpet that isn’t well maintained. Protect your customers and yourself by making sure you have the right carpets!